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Community Education Office 110 3rd Street Janesville, MN 56048

Nancy Hartfiel Community Education Secretary 507-231-7777

Lisa Schroeder Community Education Director 507-231-210

JWP Community Education - Enrichment Programming

Historically, one of the earliest programs offered by Community Education is its Adult Enrichment program. Back in the 1960’s, citizens in Flint Michigan realized that one of their community’s most valuable assets, its school buildings, were sitting dark and empty in the evenings after school children went home. With a bold vision to maximize their resources, the “lighted schoolhouse” concept of Community Education was born. Non-credit programs are offered. These classes provide opportunities for adults to gain new skills and knowledge while building strong connections thus empowering the community.

Youth enrichment provides children with educational programs and activities that extend beyond their regular school day. Enrichment programs are designed to address youth needs in many areas such as academic, cultural, social, emotional, and recreational. Enrichment classes provide students the opportunity to improve academic and social skills, explore new interests, gain new skills, and make new friends.

If you would like to be an instructor, or have ideas for programming, please contact the Community Education Office!

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