During the summertime, you will have the opportunity to take your behind-the-wheel training from Mrs. Erickson. By law, you are required to successfully complete 6 hours behind-the-wheel with a qualified instructor in order to take Minnesota’s driving road test. Mrs. Erickson is a qualified instructor. Once you take the 6 hours of behind-the-wheel you will be one step closer to getting your license.

After you turn 16, and when you have had your permit for 6 months and have successfully completed behind-the-wheel with Mrs. Erickson you will be able to set up an appointment with the Mankato or Waseca Examination Station. Students that are 15 and their parents own or rent farmland will need to log 40 hours of driving time, 50 if parents did not attend parent night class. There are special rules and guidelines you will need to follow.

The summer cost is undetermined at this time but should be around $250. The cost will cover the price for the instructor, gas for the vehicle, insurance for the vehicle, and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Each summer I will have openings for students that are 15 years of age and have their permit. The openings will be determined at a later time.

Again this year, I would like to try to get some spring hours in for behind the wheel also. If you would like to get your hours in during the spring please contact me directly.

Each session is blocked off into a two-hour session. If possible, your son/daughter will be paired up with another classmate and each of them will drive for 1 hour. I usually start classes up the first part of June and run through mid July. If there is a high need for training in the latter part of July and early part of August, I may add some sessions. Please contact me if this is true in your case.

The summer sign-up sheet is back at the homepage.

You can also see, call, or email Nancy Hartfiel at the JWP High School Office. Daytime Phone: 507-234-5181


Monica Erickson Janesville: 507-234-5181 - I do not check this number in the summer. Can leave a message with Nancy. Email:

Drivers’ Education

Behind the Wheel Training/Lessons

Meeting Place: 8:00 am drivers meet at morton building by the varsity baseball field. 10:00 and 1:00 drivers meet at the morton bulilding next to the boy's varsity baseball field.

*Students must bring their permit with them to every lesson.

*The schedule will be followed!!! BE ON TIME and don’t miss a lesson. You are required by law to have 6 hours of behind the wheel training.

*Please read over the following items so you will be prepared to start driving.

Pre-Trip Inspection:

The pre-trip inspection will consist of 10 items you will need to show the examiner that you know where they are and how to adjust or use them.

They are:

  1. Seat adjustment

  2. Seat belts

  3. Emergency Brake

  4. Headlights-high and low beam

  5. Hazard warning lights (four-way flashers)

  6. Horn

  7. Windshield Wipers

  8. Defroster/Fan controls

  9. Mirrors/Windows

  10. Insurance Certificate

6 lessons (1 hour per lesson)

These Lesson descriptions are subject to change and depend on your child's ability to drive

Lesson # 1

Intro to the Vehicle, 10 pre-trip inspection items

Control-Steering, brake, accelerator, speed, signaling, lane changing, crosswalks, turns.

Observation- Seeing the big picture, mirrors, blind spots attempt to never be surprised by another vehicle coming from the right, left, ahead, or behind.

Turns-Right and left

Backing-Straight, Zigzag, 90 degrees, and at a target

Parking the vehicle- against the curb, in parking lot

Lesson #2


Turn around (narrow road, U-turn, cornerback)

Open Road (approximately 25 miles)

Lesson #3


Parking-Angle park, up and down hill, parallel parking, against a curb

Gravel Road-Speed, control, observation, and other unique situations

Lesson #4


Waseca-open road, city driving, residential driving, and pedestrians

On and off-ramps

Lesson #5


Mankato-open road, city driving, one-way streets, freeway driving, and on/off ramps on to freeways.

Lesson #6

Review all lessons


Pre-trip Inspection


Knowing the laws, control, parallel park, parking on a hill, 90 degree backing, signaling properly, use both marked and unmarked lanes of traffic, and observation and consideration of pedestrians and other drivers.

Responding to traffic and road conditions, traffic signs, and signals

Perceived Risks

Observation-Blind spots, lane change, intersections, backing, the big picture

Following distance

Speed, Right of way-pedestrian, Right of way-vehicle


****Point system- 80% and up to pass

****Accident or breaking a law-automatic fail